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Optimizing HR for a Modern Government


Human resources does exactly what it sounds like: manages the human capital in your business for maximum success.

Over the last few years, HR has been changing rapidly, particularly in government. An increasingly flexible workforce, the ongoing consumerization of IT, and a need for better talent intelligence are among the factors that have been contributing to changes in the way HR operates. Additionally, multinational and generational changes mean that younger and older generations of workers are colliding due to economic factors.

At the recent 2015 SAP Federal Forum, several of the talks and presentations that were held focused primarily on HR best practices and new technologies. The forum this year was based on the theme of “Simplify to Innovate,” and it allowed SAP's federal customers to gather and share their experiences on innovative uses of technology for talent management and learn about topics relevant to HR solutions for attracting and retaining the best employees.

As part of the HR track, two speakers gave presentations, one of which was on cloud offerings from SuccessFactors, an SAP company, and the other about integrated talent management.

“Integrated Talent Management in Government,” presented by Suzann Boylan, Executive Advisor of the HR LVE HCM Transformation Practice, set the scene for the current and future governmental HR landscape. One of the primary changes that forecasters expect in the next five years is that the global workforce will be more flexible. In her presentation, Boylan stated, “An increase in the number of non-payroll positions for contingent workers will require changes to HR strategy and management.” Among those changes are new compensation plans, increased investment in training, and strategic technological adjustments like bring your own device (BYOD) policies.

Boylan anticipates that true innovation will come not only from integrating the various areas of talent management but also from “further integration of the talent areas to the core HR system of record.”

In Carmen Krueger’s presentation, she outlined the federal security landscape and how SAP technologies are catering to government needs while maintaining utmost security measures. Krueger is the senior vice president of SAP NS2, an independent subsidiary of SAP focused on serving U.S. national security and critical infrastructure customers. With the U.S. federal secure cloud offering, NS2 offers governmental agencies of all kinds the ability to manage several services securely, including in the HR space. The software enables agencies to be ahead of the curve and stay prepared for the coming changes in talent management outlined in Suzann Boylan’s presentation. (View this SlideShare to find out more about how SAP NS2 trains military veterans and helps them find careers.)

Learn more about integrated talent management in government by visiting the SAP Federal Forum Resource Center.

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