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BW Business Explorer (SAP BEx)

Important Transaction codes and tables in BEX Web

You are working in BEx Web and want to know important transaction codes and tables used.

Below are listed few important transaction codes and tables used frequently in Bex Web.

Transactions codes:

  • RSRT              :  To execute the query (in backend or in web).
  • RSRT1            :  To execute the query view
  • RSD1              :  To create or display the Info-objects details
  • LISTCUBE     :  To check the data in the Infocube
  • RSCUSTV27  :  To check the default template used for Bex Web for 7.x (maintained for "Ad Hoc Analysis")
  • RSCUSTV21  :  To check the default template used for Bex Web for 3.x (maintained for "Ad Hoc Analysis")
  • RSECADMIN  :  To check the authorization object regarding assigned value authorization
                                To execute query/planning folder with user with limited authorization (Goto "Analysis" tab -> Execution As other user)
                                To collect authorization logs for user with limited authorization by selecting "with logs" when executing with limited authorization user
  • RS_PERS_ACTIVATE : To activate or deactivate personalization
  • SE16               :  To check various tables and the parameters with values.

Tables (Transaction code SE16) :

Table RSPOR_T_PORTAL :  To check the RFC destination and default URL prefix used for Bex Web queries/templates

Table RSWR_DATA            :  Table to check Bookmark details
Table RSZWVIEW                :  Table to check Query View details

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