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SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office

How to enter the prompt values when scheduling Analysis Workbooks in BI platform

Hello everyone,

When scheduling Analysis Workbooks in BI platform it is possible to use variable prompt values. This scenario is supported from AO BIP ADD-ON 1.4 SP10 and BIP 4.1 SP5. This is also mentioned on SAP note below:

  • 2134836 - Checklist for Scheduling of Analysis for Office Workbooks

Below is the screenshot of the prompt in BI platform:

The following consequences may occur when these fields are not filled correctly:

  • The workbook will not be scheduled and it will fail (e.g. there are mandatory variables in prompt);
  • The workbook will be scheduled but contain unexpected results.

The most common mistake is entering the technical name of the data source in "Data Source".

In order to fill the fields correctly, make sure to always enter the values according to the following:

Data SourceAlias of the Data Source
VariableTechnical name of the variable
ValueValue of the member to be filtered

The alias of the data source must to be the same as shown in workbook. This information you can find in the Display Panel, as shown on the screenshot below:

Filipe Zeuch