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SAP IQ Cockpit and -sb 0 SAP IQ startup switch


-sb  SAP IQ startup switch specifies how SAP IQ server reacts to the broadcasts. When SAP IQ is started with sb 0,  SAP IQ  does not respond to server enumeration broadcasts, dblocate is not able to locate IQ database started with  -sb 0

1. Start IQ server with  -sb 0


2. dblocate server location utility will fail to locate SAP IQ server 'vicky_iqdemo0832'


3.  SAP IQ Cockpit auto discovery will fail to discover SAP IQ server  'vicky_iqdemo0832'


4. Edit iqdemo.cfg and remote -sb 0 startup switch, stop and restart IQ server  'vicky_iqdemo0832'


5. Test with dblocate, dblocate will be able to locate  IQ server 'vicky_iqdemo0832'


6.  Clear Browser cache, stop and restart  browser, connect to SAP IQ Cockpit.  Now SAP IQ Cockpit automatic discovery will be able to discover  IQ server  'vicky_iqdemo0832'


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