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Microsoft SQL Server

Download Media for Microsoft SQL Server for SAP NetWeaver based systems


The purpose of this document is to clarify about the access to the download media of SQL Server.

New General Download Restrictions for all SQL Server Releases:

As of April 2015, downloading the SQL Server installation media for NetWeaver based systems from the SAP Service Market Place is restricted to SAP customers who have licensed Microsoft SQL Server through SAP. SAP customers who have acquired their SQL Server license from Microsoft or a re-seller, needs to obtain the installation media from Microsoft or the re-seller.

SQL Server 2014 Download Restrictions:

As of SQL Server 2014, Microsoft has included new Use Terms in the licenses sold under the reselling agreement with SAP. As a re-seller, we must notify customers of the new Use Terms and we must receive acknowledgement of the customers' receipt of the terms. Therefore, all customers who have purchased their SQL Server license from SAP must contact their SAP Account Executive (or SAP Partner/Re-seller) in order to obtain a copy of the new use terms via an Amendment and sign their receipt of the Amendment. If you have not signed the agreement you will not be able to see the SQL Server 2014 in the download area of SAP Service Marketplace!

Regarding the new Use Terms, see SAP Note 2139358 for more details on the change. Once you have returned the signed Amendment, SAP will enable download of SQL Server 2014 and subsequent editions for your installations.

SQL Server 2014 - SQL4SAP medium:

Until you sign the new agreement (if you have acquired SQL Server from SAP) or if you acquired it from Microsoft or a re-seller, you'll be able to download the installation media that contains only the SQL4SAP Framework. More information in SAP Note 1970448.

SQL Server 2005 DVD has been archived! (new 19/07/2016)

The SQL Server 2005 DVD from SAP Launchpad has been archived. If you (1) have a system already running on SQL Server 2005, (2) have acquired SQL Server from SAP and (3) need to perform a system copy, open a support incident to XX-SER-SWFL-SHIP asking for SQL Server 2005 medium. They will provide you access to this medium.

SAP Notes about Installation Media:

Note NumberNote Title
1970448SAP Installation Media and SQL4SAP for SQL Server 2014
1684545SAP Installation Media and SQL4SAP for SQL Server 2012
1144459SAP Installation Media and SQL4SAP for SQL Server 2008 (R2)
896566SQL4SAP and SAP Installation Media for SQL Server 2005

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