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BW Business Explorer (SAP BEx)

Decimal Notation changes in the BW backend does not get refelected in the Portal immediately


The decimal changes in the backend system does not get reflected in the reports immediately when opened in the Java web.

However, You find that after few hours the changes get reflected. There is a delay in the changes to get reflected.


Netweaver BW 7.x

Reproducing the Issue

1. Maintain the user Profile  you have Decimal Notation as below

2. Execute the report in the Portal .The output looks as below

Notice the decimal notation, you have comma (,)

3. Now , make the decimal Notation changes as below

4.  Execute the report in the portal. The output looks the same as in shown in Step 2

5. Now after some time ( may be hour or 2 hours) you execute the same report , you see that the decimal changes are reflecting  as shown below
    Notice “ . “ instead of comma.


This issue might be a cache synchronization issue. BI Java on portal caches certain parameters for performance optimization


1. You have to invalidate the cache using the function module: RSWR_CACHE_INVALIDATE

2. Also, invalidate the ICM cache as per the note 529241

3. If this does not work, try restarting the J2EE engine.

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