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Filter panes Misaligned or different in size


In the Java web Report, You find that Filter Panes or Misaligned, that is some are bigger or smaller in width than the others


Netweaver BW 7.x

Reproducing the Issue

1. Execute the Query/Template in the Java Portal

2. You see that some of the Filter Panes are Misaligned are different in Sizes


Misalignment problems may happen in certain bookmarks and templates, which contains filter items whose widths had been set to low pixel value.


The misalignment in the few reports is being caused due to the header length exceeding the width defined for the filter item.


1. Go To transaction  SE 38

2. Increase the value of the RSADMIN parameter “FILTER_WIDTH_THRESHOLD” to a higher value

3. Restart the java server after the RSADMIN parameter has been added, for it to take effect.

Additional Information

RSADMIN parameter FILTER_WIDTH_THRESHOLD holds the threshold value in pixels for width of a filter item.  Any value below this threshold value shall behave the same as if the width were set to -1 (default value), and value above the threshold, shall have same effect as the standard behavior (i.e. the width of the filter item in pixels will be set to the value same as the "width" parameter in WAD)

The RSADMIN parameter FILTER_WIDTH_THRESHOLD has to be maintained in the backend using the transaction SE38 and by executing the report "SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN". Please make sure that an integer value greater than 0 is maintained for this parameter.

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