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Argentina's AFIP RG3685 - SAP Notes and documentation


The purpose of this document is to provide an updated complete list of all SAP Notes and documentation of Localization Argentina's reporting solution related to the legal requirement Regime 3685/2014.

All the information related to changes and updates in the Argentine legal requirement AFIP RG3685 will be informed in this current document. Read the SAP Announcement Notes 2111795, 2113594 and 2130850, before implementing the SAP Notes listed below. Also, keep in mind that the solution is delivered to SAP_APPL releases 600 (SAPKH60001) onwards.

In Spanish, the legal change is known as 'Almacenamiento de duplicados electrónicos y régimen de información de compras y ventas' and it was published by the Argentinean tax authority in 2014.

The law RG3685 is divided to two regimes of information of sales and purchase, and electronic duplication. About the information regime of purchases and sales, a new applicative of AFIP was published (AFIP DGI - Régimen de Información de Compras y Ventas Versión 1.0) with a new layout of files that replace the 'CITI Compras and Ventas' reports, related to the reports J_1AF217 and J_1AF317. About the electronic duplication, this law changed the layout of magnetic files generated by the 'Daily VAT' report, related to the report J_1AF205. The information provided here is based on legislation and regulations which could be subject to change at any time by the respective tax authorities.

About the SAP Notes listed below, remember to check the prerequisites, attachments and manual steps of each SAP Note, before implement it. The documentation about how to use the new reports are attached in the SAP Notes 2154322 and 2154924.

1594294 Potential Directory Traversal - GC_FILENAME is unknown

2156071 New VAT rates as per General Resolution 3685/2014
2154322 J_1AF317 Sales information General Resolution 3685/2014
2179014 J_1AF317 General Corrections N1 (NEW SAP NOTE)
2154924 J_1AF217 Purchase Information General Resolution 3685/2014
2133830 J_1AF205 Modification of the electronic duplication files of Daily VAT

2152354 J_1AF205 For customer document table J_1A101 not updated

2161430 J_1AF205 Fields STCDT STCD1 not displayed for normal customers

In order to access the SAP Notes, you will have to log into the Service Marketplace.

Versión en Español AFIP RG3685 Argentina - Documentación y Notas

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