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Design Studio 1.5: View on New Delivered Application Templates


A view on new (and updated) application templates. See how you can make value of the new features. Those templates contain many of the features in pre-build applications, ready to use out-of-the-box. This is a blog of the series "Design Studio 1.5, View on..." - here the "New Delivered Application Template". For more topics see Design Studio 1.5: What's New in? A (technical) View

The starting point.

I hope already every one knows this, but to assure it here is the workflow. You want to create new application, so in the first screen you have to give the technical name and description. But there is also a "Next >" button.

Pressing it (instead of going directly to "Finish"), you can see the application templates which you can use.

Here is the view of release 1.4 SP2:

You can find 6 application templates in release 1.4, and looking at the same dialog you can see 2 NEW and 1 updated:

  • Generic Analysis (updated with Bookmarking functions and other new functions available in 1.5)
  • Data Discovery and Visualization Template - new
  • Online Composition Template - new

What it Contained?

For the functional descriptions, refer to the Help document.

Additional Questions?

Perhaps not all aspects are covered yet, in case of questions, feel free to ask.

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