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SAP Contact Center, cloud edition

SAP Contact Center 7.0 SP8 hotfixes

mportant: as you might have noticed the SCN page is evolving and moving to new platform. What comes to this document SAP Contact Center team will provide the information also on the new platform. Please find new document from

Here SAP Contact Center support team is posting an update when a new hotfix is released for SAP Contact Center 7 SP8 / SP8 Patch1 release. Please note that the official information will always be on SAP Market Place. The purpose of this document is to help you follow up what have been released.

You can easily follow this post and receive email notification every time there is a new post by pressing follow button on right hand side. (requires registration to SCN).

To keep this clean and tidy we ask you to avoid posting questions to this discussion. If you have any questions or concerns related to hotfix content please create a new customer incident under CRM-CCI or raise a new discussion to SAP Contact Center SCN pages.

Hotfix #SAP NoteAffected componentsRemarks package. Replaces recommended, WEB, DS recommended!, WEB, SC, CD, WEBStrongly recommended!, WEBSee comments in discussion, WEBReplaces HF108 *1, CEM, Chat, SMS, Web, CEM, WEB Connector components

// Direct links to the released hotfix notes available via the SP8 Patch 1 note 2166780 //

*1 - The hotfix replaces In 108 there is few places where deadlock could still happen. In 111 those are fixed.

KBA documents related to SP8 & SP8P1 releases:

2182407 - CDT Freezing/locking wihtout any reason
2239061 - Problem with voicemail notification email attachments
2300201 - SAP Contact Center - Issues after hotfix & - FIXED in

Short FAQ:

Q: Where I can find document how to install a hotfix?
A: In a hotfix note, you can find instructions in solution chapter. In the Operation Guide instructions can be found from chapter 6.1 Installing Support Packages and Hotfixes

Q: What hotfixes should I install? Should I install all or can I select the one customer is needing?
A: Because of depencies between hotfixies you should install all available hotfixies. We are not able to support incompletely updated systems.

Q: Is there a sample how to install a hotfix?
A: Yes, you can find an example in SAP CCtr Advanced Training Configuration Part 2, chapter Adding Hotfix. The document can be found from SAP Market Place.

Q: From where to find SAP Contact Center trainings?
A: Trainings can found from , search for WFIBC*

Q: When I try to open compressed hotfix files the compression software gives an unexpected error. What to do?
A: From hotfix and upwards the compression method has changed to RAR5. The files can be opened with WinRar 5.0 or later.
If you still have problems to open the package, please create an incident.