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Partner Questions and Answers - SAP Customer Activity Repository

We have take questions that have been asked to us by different partners and have listed them and provided answers in the hope that this will help to disseminate information to the whole SAP Customer Activity Repository Partner Community and Ecosystem.

  • What is the pricing for the partner edition of the virtualized appliance of Customer Activity Repository
    • [Answer]
      • As pricing has many variables we state as a reference price point that it is possible to get started with a cost as low as 1000 Euro per month, per instance.
      • The pricing has three main components:
        1. The licensing for the application(s) (e.g. SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Customer Activity Repository)
          • As partners can obtain licenses through different channels,and pricing is subject to different partnership levels and agreements we refer to the SAP PartnerEdge Appliance Development Program as the reference option.
        2. The subscription for SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL)
          • As a result of choosing to offer SAP Customer Activity Repository in the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model, it is required to obtain a subscription of SAP Cloud Appliance Library.
        3. The hosting costs from the 3rd Partner Cloud provider.(e.g. Amazon (AWS) E2 pricing)

  • Do you have sizing recommendations for a Customer Activity Repository installation?
    • [Answer]
      • Sizing should always follow the prescribed documentation per release version of SAP Customer Activity Repository, which can be found in the SAP Customer Activity Repository application help.
      • More details can be found here (sizing section): SAP Customer Activity Repository – SAP Help Portal Page

  • Is Dynamic Tiering possible for a Customer Activity Repository installation
    • [Answer]
      • No not yet. It is roadmap.

  • How is a deletion of data handled via SLT with respect to Customer Activity Repository?
    • [Answer]
      • There is a gap. As deletion occurs in a source system SLT propagates the notification to the target system bu there is no way to distinguish between what can be called different handling schemes of deletion in the source system. e.g. It is intended to delete the record/data in the source system for performance reasons but not in the target system.
      • Therefore, SLT doesn’t know whether it is intended for deletion in SAP Customer Activity Repository.

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