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Reinstalling / Updating Print Manager

1) Log on to the server where Print Manager is installed and uninstall it by following the steps below:

=> Control Panel => Programs and Features => SAP Print Manager => Uninstall

After uninstallation, configuration data remains in Windows registry and logs remain in file system, however it won’t be harmful to your system. So the new Print Manager will maintain the settings from the one you just uninstalled.

2) Ensure the following prerequisites are installed:

2.1) Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

2.2) Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable

2.3) Microsoft Visual Basic Powerpacks 10.0

3) Download Print Manager from ByDesign system (=> Application and User Management => Business Flexibility => Download Center) and install it.

4) Start the Print Manager application and make sure you set the Service User credentials properly:

Domain: Domain the computer which is running Print Manager belongs to.

User: Enter a user to run the Windows service. This user should have administration rights on the local computer as well as authorization to access your network printers.

Password: The password from your Windows user.


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