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SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management

EH&S WWI Reports


To generate a report in EH&S it is necessary:

  • A Report Template
  • A Generation Variant
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • A WWI Server or a local WWI Installation

Report Template

Define the layout of documents. It contains symbols of various symbol types (Specification, Parameter, Descriptor) which will be replaced by specification and logistics data during the report  generation.

Generation Variant

Links the report template with the leading validity area and one or more specification value assignment ratings. Defines for which validity area and which language a report will be created.


Report bodies and final reports are stored in DMS. In order to successfully create and ship reports it is necessary to maintain the correct customizing settings for DMS (Note 995736).

WWI Server or local WWI installation

For the report generation and report shipping at least two WWI generation servers are recommended. At least two and a maximum of four WWI services are installed on each server. Each WWI service is connected to a user-defined RFC destination in the standard SAP system.

You can have synchronous and asynchronous servers:

  • A Synchronous server is used to display reports in the SAP GUI for HTML and to display labels in global label management. The server does not have any Customizing settings in the SAP system. The feature here is that merging takes place on a WWI generation server and the result is sent directly to the front-end of the waiting caller.

  • In contrast, Asynchronous servers are used for all standard processes in the SAP Environment, Health and Safety component (report generation and report shipping). They work in the background. In the SAP system, there are Customizing settings to be made for each WWI generation server (WWI work process).

Reports can be compared, shipped, printed, imported and exported.


Creation of Report Bodies

A report body is created and stored in the Report Information System. When report bodies are created, symbols of the types Specification and Descriptor are expanded. Symbols of the type Parameter remain unchanged.

Creation of Final Reports

A final report is created when you will ship it, it is created when it needs to be sent and can be found under the shipping orders. When the final report is created, the report body is completed by the addition of the data for the symbols of the type Parameter. The required parameter symbols and repeating groups are selected from the structure file ESTLS. Once the symbol definitions and hierarchy definitions are determined, the relevant report symbol groups are selected and the corresponding function modules for determining the default parameter values are called.


Report from Template

Using Report from Template the report is created temporarily on the user front-end using the user WWI installation. Furthermore using  this option all symbols are expanded (replaced by specification data, phrases, or other field values), i.e. an expansion time from 0  to 99 is used.

Create Report
Using Create Report the report header is created. Dependent of the definition within the report generation variant the report is generated directly or a manual intervention in transaction CG50 is necessary. This report is generated on one of the WWI generation servers. For the generation of this report only symbols are expanded having an expansion time less or equal 10, i.e. expansion in report body. All other symbols are still not expanded and can be found in the DB table ESTLS for the report (WWI document).


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