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Rebate settlement process part II: Accrual reversed by CRM claim settlement integrated to SD Billing


Handled Externally in SAP ERP

If you define condition generation types for settling rebates using SAP CRM claims

management and accrual calculation methods for handling accruals in SAP ERP and

want to use both settings together in your trade promotions, you must also define an

integration between SAP CRM billing and SD billing in SAP ERP.

When this integration is in place, you create settlement documents in SAP CRM then

those are transferred to SAP ERP right away for further processing. All subsequent processes,

such as account determination, taxation, and printing, are executed on the SD billing documents
that are created automatically from the SAP CRM settlement documents.

For the scenario that Accrual reversed by CRM settlement posting to accounting directly please refer to the document below:

Rebate settlement process part I: Accrual reversed by claim settlement process and directly post to FI accounting.

This document will focus on the accrual reversal(settlement) process, for the accrual creation(calculation) process

please refer the document link below:

Accrual creation(calculation) by CRM fund management


SPRO -> CRM -> Trade Promotion Management -> Trade
Promotions -> Condition Maintenance -> Define Condition Generation

For each condition generation type, when the rebate application is ERP, it is possible to specify CRM or ERP as the
rebate settlement origin.  When the rebate settlement origin is CRM, it means that Claims Management is used to
validate and settle the rebates.  When the rebate settlement origin is ERP, it means that Claims Management is not
used and that rebates are validated and settled manually in ERP

SPRO -> CRM -> Funds Management -> Define Accrual

  • This flag indicates that this accrual method is “external accrual”

Accruals are built on posting invoices in SAP ERP. The
accrual results are uploaded to SAP CRM Funds Management at the level of Fund
Usage to support an accrual display in the Fund Checkbook.

Scenario 1

  • SAP
    ERP Rebate processing (standard or enhanced)
  • No
    integrate with SAP CRM Funds and claims Management
  • Accruals
    building, rebate settlement and finalization take place in SAP ERP

Scenario 2

  • SAP
    ERP Rebate Processing (standard or enhanced)
  • Integrated
    with SAP CRM Funds and Claims Management
  • Accruals
    building in SAP CRM with Sales Volume collected in ERP by conditions mapping to
    the expense type
  • Rebate
    settlement and finalization take place in SAP CRM;

Scenario 3

  • SAP
    ERP enhanced rebate processing
  • Accruals
    building in SAP ERP, integrated with budget control via Funds and Claims management
  • Settlement
    and finalization take place in SAP CRM Claims Management; integrated with
    ERP-SD Invoicing via the “Settlement to Invoice”

Accrual Calculated in CRM

Accrual Calculated in ECC

  in CRM Claims Management Only

Possible (Scenario 2)

Not possible

  in CRM Claims Management with Integration into SD Billing

Possible (Scenario 3)

  in ECC Rebate agreements (outside of CRM Claims Management)

Not possible

Possible (Scenario 1)

SPRO -> CRM -> Billing -> Define Billing Types

For settlement to invoice scenario:

  • The integration type must be A Integration to SD Billing.
  • The sales document type is used to determine the following for a claim settlement document when it is transferred from SAP CRM to SD Billing.

SPRO -> CRM -> Billing -> Configure Application

Note: once any feature was activated in the billing configuration, there will no way to revert it back.

Handling of Cancellation Documentson ERP side

If a CRM billing document is cancelled, CRM will send the cancellation document to SD as well as the ID of the cancelled billing

From the technical point of view, if the CRM billing document is completely cancelled we will have a two-step approach in the
inbound adapter BILL_DOC_INBOUND of ERP:

  1. Try to do a real SD invoice cancellation. The FM RV_INVOICE_CREATE has an input parameter ID_NEW_CANCELLATION which shall be set to ‘X’. Pass the ID of the cancelled document which can be found in field CNC_REF_DOC of VBRKCRM.

  2. If for any reason an error occurred during this SD cancellation, we will call  the GN_INVOICE_CREATE with the cancellation document as it was posted by CRM. In this case the parameter ID_NEW_CANCELLATION is empty.

Here users always face the problem and get confused in these two situations, the cancellation billing documents in ERP will be determined to different
billing types. This is because in the first case, the billing type is picked from the original SD billing type customizing. The second case, the billing
type of the cancellation is determined followed the normal settlement to invoice process from the copy control Settlement -> Sales Order -> SD

Tcode /BEA/CRMB11 to check the Settlement document from SAP GUI, this could also be done from WEB UI.

SD billing document number was updated to the transaction history of the CRM settlement document.

SD billing then posted to FI and get the accounting document updated to CRM settlement document.