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Fund usage integration with ERP - Accrual posting


This document will introduce the detail how the Accrual posting in CRM transfer to ERP and how to connect with Controlling
(CO) and Financial Accounting (FI)
for assigning costs and revenues to different CO account assignment objects.

In our case, we have to transfer the accrual amounts, resulting from the accrual calculation run and the accruals posting, to Financials and Costing.

From the technical point of view, the main process is that saving the fund posting will trigger the CRM middleware process to transfer the required information to ERP.

In the CRM Claims and Funds scenario, when a fund usage is created and saved, the transfer to ERP is triggered  resulting in the creation of a accounting assignment object in ERP for the fund usage. This accounting assignment is the prerequisite for the fund posting transfer the accrual amount to FI.

Middleware settings:

Tcode R3AC1:

An adapter object was created for the BDoc CRM_FM_FU, the name is “CRMFMACCOUNTING”.
The function module for Mapping Module: CRM to R/3: CRM_FM_ACCOUNTING_MAP_TO_ERP.

An adapter object was created for the BDoc CRM_FM_FPO, the name is “ACCRUAL”.
The function module for Mapping Module: CRM to R/3: CRM_FM_ACCRUAL_MAP_TO_ERP.


In transaction, we defined a Replication object, CRM_FM_FU, which has publication “All Fund Usages (MESG)”. In customer system,
we must add a subscription to the publication “All Fund Usages (MESG)”, and add a site of type R/3 to the subscription.

In transaction, we also defined a Replication object, CRM_FM_FPO, which is similar with CRM_FM_FU.


In this view for object CRMFMACCOUNTING and ACCRUAL, you will find the allowed filters for R3AC1.

Tcode SMO8FD

This view can also access by click the BDOC type in TCode SMW01 monitor. Here the flow contexts were defined.

  • Once the middleware setting is done.The fund usage integration process starts with the saving of fund usage triggered by the status changing of the reference object like TPM Then the BDoc “CRM_FM_FU” will be generated and processed by the outbound flow "mBDoc Notification".  Afterwards, CRM Middleware will call the mapping module “CRM_FM_ACCOUNTING_MAP_TO_ERP” of the adapter object “CRMFMACCOUNTING”, which is associated with the BDoc “CRM_FM_FU”.

  • Upon a fund posting is saved, a BDoc message of type CRM_FM_FPO is created and sent to Middleware. Middleware then calls CRM_FM_ACCRUAL_MAP_TO_ERP, which in turn calls CRM_FM_ACCRUAL_MAPPING, which maps CRM fund posting
    structures to ERP billing documents.

  • The billing documents are then sent to ERP, by calling function module CRM_FM_ACL_ACCRUAL_R3_IN. It calls CRM_FM_ACL_ACCRUAL_LOAD_PROXY which in turn calls BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST to post Accounting documents in ERP.

TPM Fund usage

TPM fund usage is the scenario that fund management integrated to trade promotion management.

During the creation of fund usage in the scenario of creating a trade promotion.Fund usages that are linked to a TPM require a TPM to be present in ERP before being transferred over. We had the issue where Fund usages were transferred before TPMs, which caused to the transfer of fund usage to fail.

To check the TP transferred to ERP PS go to Tcode CJ20N.

For the topic Marketing project integration to ERP, a document will be released soon.

For the topic Fund management integration in Trade Promotion Management please refer to the document:

Funds Management Integration in CRM Trade Promotion Management

Accounting assignment

In Tcode IAOMC:

with business scenario “CRMFM” and business key is in the form of “Fund usage ID with leading zeros/Fund Usage Item ID”, i.e. 00000000000000001791/10. The screenshot below shows an example on how to search for account assignment management objects.

Accounting determination


SPRO -> CRM -> Funds Management -> Accruals -> Integration -> Transfer Accrual Documents to Accounting

SPRO->CRM->Billing->Integration->Transfer of Billing Documents to Accounting->Transfer to Accounts Receivable (FI-AR) and
Accounts Payable (FI-AP)-> Enhanced Account Determination->Assign Symbolic Account Key

For the detail introduction of accrual calculation and reversal process please refer to the documents below:

Rebate settlement process part I: Accrual reversed by claim settlement process and directly post to FI accounting.

Rebate settlement process part II: Accrual reversed by CRM claim settlement integrated to SD Billing

Accrual creation(calculation) by CRM fund management