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SAP Lumira

David McCandless Visualization in SAP Lumira


Best-selling author, data journalist, creator of and DataGenius David McCandless will be making a big data viz splash at this

year’s SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, Florida.

Having garnered 2+ million views on his TEDTalk on the beauty of data visualization, the name David McCandless is no strang

er to the data-savvy community. On Tuesday, May 5 at 1:30 PM EST, David will be presenting a never-before seen visualization on the Internet of Things and the DigitalEconomy. Get more information on his session here. Not attending SAPPHIRE? Stream it online.                                                                                                           

>> Check out the full version of David McCandless' interactive Internet of Things visualization! <<



Try it out yourself in SAP Lumira!

You can also get involved by downloading a sample data set and a version of the visualization to gain insights with SAP Lumira. In this version of David McCandless' IoT visualization, interact with the data sample provided and interact with it live in SAP Lumira to explore key trends for the future of business and visualize the digital economy.

  1. Download SAP Lumira 1.27 here
  2. Download the Internet of Things (Force Bubble Layout) extension here
  3. Download the data set here

Once you've tried out the custom extension, submit it into the DataGenius IV challenge!

Not only will your entry be reviewed by the DataGenius committee, the top 10 finalists will be reviewed by David McCandless himself, along with a stellar panel of data visualization gurus. The top 3 winners receive a combined total of $10,000 towards approved charities + one SAPPHIRENOW pass and the experience of positively impacting the world through solving complex problems with simple SAP solutions!

All entries also receive a free, limited edition DataGenius IV t-shirt (while supplies last).

Enter now!

How to install the Internet of Things extension visualization in SAP Lumira 1.25+

  1. In Lumira, open the extension manager that you access from the File->Extensions menu. From there, click the Manual Install button and select the Force Bubble Layout file.
  2. Restart Lumira and the extension is available for use.

How the extension works:

The force bubbly layout helps showcase the relationships in the level of hierarchy.

In this example provided, we are able to see the different things in a connected Internet of Things.

Green bubbles (Level 1) indicate the different categories that can be connected to the Internet. Yellow bubbles (Level 2) indicate the relationship between the category and different sections that technology can be used in. For example, under 'Home,' home security, appliances and automation are areas in which Internet-connected technology can be used. Orange bubbles (Level 3) are the things that can share information, be monitored and controlled. In a connected home we are able to place a smart hub that senses time & dates that can activate several other devices like your coffee machine, heating, lighting and security systems.

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