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SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management



The purpose of this document is to provide an updated list of the KBAs (Knowledge Base Articles) released in EH&S.


2197554 - How to create the perfect incident for EHS component and subcomponents


1809242 - Function modules 'C1F5_SPECIFICATION_READ' and 'BAPI_BUS1077_GETDETAIL' return phrase keys instead of phrase
1836575 - SAPLC14J 0 CG02 authority-group or valuation-category missing
1943843 - Not Value assignments of Table/Structure Fields is listed in CGAB
1943993 - Specification inheritance not functioning properly
2024053 - Transporting missing standard EHS Classes and Characteristcs from Client 000

2190764 - Expert Rule Editor - "Encounter an improper argument" error

2199434 - EH&S Administration Management Service does not start

2258006 - Date shift of an engineering change number

2354475 - Unable to save a value assignment in the specification workbench in the SAPGUI (CG02) or in the PLM Web user interface (PLM Web UI)


2227853 - Dangerous Goods Delta Filling - Error DGA 136 "No data records found for the selection criteria"


2175938 - Error: You are not authorized to edit the schedule plan


1809258 - Internal program error; ( <program name> SAPLC13Z 0 C13Z_RAWDATA_READ )
2051955 - How to set the quantity limits for regulations in customizing for Substance Volume Tracking

2094927 - GLM Print Tool has stopped working
2101192 - Job status in CG5Z stays in status 'Assigned'

2151048 - How to remove the GLM printer mapping in the GLM Print Tool

2193273 - Entry does not exist in ESD_ESTLP

2199435 - C13Z_TEXT_WRITE is giving an unexpected RAISE NO_PERMISSION error


2040379 - Waste Disposal documents sample templates

2199431 - Error 'Cannot find any reports' for Waste Documents


2156531 - Report Incident shows inverted sequence of steps

2297808 - How to define new document types in EHSM

2334130 - Lessons Learned and Investigation Analysis are not populated in the Investigation Summary Report

2339328 - Unable to Generate the Investigation Summary Report

2353813 - Exception Occured: Cannot instantiate the form creation controller

2362286 - Short Dump When Saving a New Health Surveillance Protocol

Please note, in order to view the contents of the KBAs, you will need to be logged into Service Marketplace.