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Accrual creation(calculation) by CRM fund management


Accrual calculation run can be scheduled in the batch jobs.
The accrual method can use various reference data types, depending on what you
have defined in customizing. Examples include sales volumes (SAP ERP), trade
promotion management (TPM) planning data, or funds data. The accrual results
are stored within the accrual staging area.

This document will only introduce the accrual calculation process. For the accrual reversal(settlement)

process, please refer to the documents below:

Rebate settlement process part I: Accrual reversed by claim settlement process and directly post to FI accounting.

Rebate settlement process part II: Accrual reversed by CRM claim settlement integrated to SD Billing

With the fund management integrated to TPM, the accrual information could be

found in the fund usage. The accrual amount is shown in he fund checkbook once

the accrual posting is done.

With the accrual posting jobs finished successfully leading to the Fund Posting saved,

this will trigger the CRM middleware process to transfer the required information to ERP

for the system assigns the costs and revenues to different CO account assignment objects.

For the detail introduction of the fund usage integration to ERP please refer the document below:
Fund usage integration with ERP - Accrual posting


SPRO -> CRM -> Funds Management -> Define Accrual

SPRO -> CRM -> Funds Management -> Define Accrual

The accrual profile need to be assign to the expense type in
the customizing ‘Define Settings for Funds Integration’.

SPRO -> CRM -> Trade Promotion Management -> Trade
Promotions -> Funds Integration -> Define Settings for Funds Integration

In TPM planning, user fill the spend value to the planning
layout by different planning level. Once the Trade promotion released, the
rebate condition records will generated and replicated to ECC side.

The rebate condition will be determined when create SD
billing document from the sales order.

Then the sales volume will be accumulated in the rebate agreement.

The CRM accrual calculation process takes the "spend
value" in the accrual calculation for Billback promotions (with accrual
method: ERP sales volume).  For lump sums
(with accrual method "Fixed": accrue the whole amount on the fixed
date), the system takes into account the value from the planning layout.

Within this life cycle, the fund usage will connected to the
rebate condition type through the expense type.

Samples in CRM TPM :

Samples in ERP sales order -> (shipping) ->  billing:

Rebate Agreement verfification level:

Accrual Jobs:

step1. accrual calculation: Calculation period and funds plan need to be specified

step2. Verfiy the accrual results: check the fund usage and the accrual amount could be changed before posting to account.

Step3. Accrual posting: choose the same criteria with step1