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FAQ Notes in EHS

Following the idea of compilation of notes, this document is for ranking the most viewed FAQ notes from EHS - Environment, Health and Safety Management.

I hope that this can help you to find solutions quickly

NoteViews in 2015*
1157472 - FAQ: DG problems after upgrade / installation of EH&S368
1103234 - FAQ: Output to Excel96
1093000 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about EH&S reporting86
1235663 - EH&S OCC: FAQ85
1349193 - FAQ: Layout for EHS report templates83
1608768 - FAQ: Layouting of EHS report templates with includes69
945988 - FAQ: Recipe Management63
1119071 - FAQs about change marking in EH&S reports62
1147933 - FAQ: EH&S report generation57
1153832 - FAQ regarding merging and combining phrases28

*Until 29.09.2015

Some FAQs cover important topics but they have a low number of views. Any suggestion to improve this number?

Also, any FAQ that would be important and haven't been created yet?

I will be waiting for your feedback