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SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira Live - March 2015 Edition

March 2015


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SAP Lumira, desktop edition 1.23
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. As the second release of the year, SAP Lumira 1.23 focuses on making your data visualization experience even better. Read more about the key features of this latest release.

SAP Lumira, Edge edition
Learn how SAP Lumira, Edge edition can help your team or department visualize and better understand their data, all on a lightweight in-memory server running on standard hardware.

SAP Lumira showcase solutions
Discover how SAP Lumira goes beyond standard reporting with these interactive business examples.


  • Export to Adobe PDF:
    Storyboards, infographics, and reports created in the Compose workspace can be published as Adobe PDFs. In this example, we'll export an infographic and review the published file.
  • Add dynamic text to a story:
    We can add dynamic text elements to a story or infographic that will be updated when the underlying data source is refreshed. In this example, we'll add a formula to estimate the number of customers for the company.
  • Change the layout of an infographic:
    After an infographic has been created, we can adjust its size, provided the existing elements fit in the desired layout. In this example, we'll view the available layouts.


Most Popular Foods/Drinks Sold in Grocery Stores and Restaurants on Super Bowl Sunday 2014
Millions of chicken wings, beer, and avocados: ingredients for a delicious Super Bowl Sunday

Corporate Project Performance
Monitor corporate projects, from actuals to planned costs with the power of agile data visualization through #SAPLumira

The Top 10 Countries by IQ
Which countries made the top 10 for IQ scores?




  • March 18: Feature Series – Using SAP Lumira with SAP Business Warehouse
  • March 25: Developer Series – SAP Lumira and SAP Web IDE
  • SAP Lumira, Edge edition – Watch the recording


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