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How to take a HTTP trace with HTTPWatch


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Occasionally SAP Support requests a HTTP trace for further analysis of reported problems. This document describes the necessary steps
to create such a HTTP trace. HttpWatch integrates with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers to show you exactly what HTTP traffic is triggered

when you access a web page. If you access a site that uses secure HTTPS connections, HttpWatch automatically displays the decrypted form of

the network traffic.

1) Download the free version of 'HttpWatch Basic Edition' from this internet site : and install it on your


2) Click on the HttpWatch toolbar button which is normally on a hidden part of the IE command bar or use the keyboard shortcut 'Shift + F2' (Crtl + S@ on some systems) to activate the tool.

3) The HttpWatch plug-in can be displayed in the lower part of the browser window.

4) Open the ByDesign screen where you are facing the issue and then press 'Record' on the HTTPWatch screen and follow your steps to reproduce the issue.

5) Press 'Stop' once the issue is reproduced completely.

6) Click on 'Save' to save the trace file. The extension of the file is hwl.

7) Attach the file to the incident and send it back to SAP Support.

Best regards,

Guilherme Rosario