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Add navigation to Inspection Lots to Batch Details screen


This article describes how to add a navigation button to the batch details screen to jump to the inspection lot worklist in ERP for the displayed batch.

GBT offers the functionality to navigate to the original system of the data record displayed. This is possible on every details screen within the UI of GBT.
Details screens can be customized by the customer to show additional fields or remove some of the fields displayed in standard GBT. In addition to this it is possible to customize navigation buttons on the details screens. For the navigation Launchpads are used which needs to be customized.

The following describes the steps which need to be executed to add the navigation to the inspection lot worklist in the source system.

  1. Define Navigation Targets
    SPRO: Cross-Application Components -> Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Settings for BO Framework and Navigation -> Navigation, Parameter Mapping, and Services -> Define Navigation Targets (cross-client customizing).

    To create additional navigation functionality for a details screen you define a navigation target which will be used to determine the action you want to execute on the screen. Each Navigation Target will result in a separate FPM Event in the customizing of the details screens.

    Create a new navigation target called “LOT_DISPLAY” with Description “Display Inspection Lots”.

  2. Create a new Launchpad application
    SPRO: Cross-Application Components -> SAP Global Batch Traceability -> Analysis of Global Batch Traceability Network -> Navigate to External Systems Using Launchpad.

    A Launchpad application defines the application you want to include in your existing UI.
    Within the Launchpad application you define the parameters used for navigation and the target application itself.

    Create a new Launchpad application by copying an existing application (for example “Display Batch in SAP ERP”). Enter a new name e.g. “Display Inspection Lots in SAP ERP” and change the transaction code to QA33.
    Set the Application Alias to a new value e.g. “LPD_LOT_DISP”. This value will be used in the next step to link this Launchpad application to a navigation target.
    In section Target App. Parameters you have to define the mapping of parameters to the target transaction parameters. Click on the Parameter Mapping Button and maintain the following:
    Dynpro  Number1000
    OK Code<space>
    Forward only the following parameters<checked>
    Not completed by COMMIT<checked>
    No Batch Input for CALL Trans.<checked>

    In the table for parameters enter the following three parameters and their target parameters:
    Source ParameterTarget Parameter



    The Parameter Mapping should look like this:

    Set field Entries Once Started to ‘R Skip Initial Screen if Possible’.
    Save the Launchpad application.

    The new Launchpad application should look like this:

  3. Assign the Navigation Target
    SPRO: Cross-Application Components -> Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Settings for BO Framework and Navigation -> Navigation, Parameter Mapping, and Services -> Assign the Navigation Target.

    In this step you create the link of the internal GBT data and navigation structure to the external navigation using Launchpad technology.

    Create a new entry in this table with the following data:

  4. Add button to Batch Details Screen
    As described above, GBT screens can be customized using the standard Floorplan Manager (FPM) functionality.
    To provide the new navigation target defined in the Launchpad, a button for the navigation to inspection lots has to be added to the batch details screen:

    Start transaction FPM_WB (FPM Workbench) and choose ‘Edit FPM Customizing (FLUID)’.
    Enter FPM_FORM_UIBB_GL2 as Component Name and /GBT/WDC_BATCH_DETAILS_CFG  as Configuration ID and choose ‘New’ (or Continue in Change Mode if the customizing already exists).
    In the Form UIBB Schema choose ‘Element’ -> ‘Add Button at Next Level’.
    In the following popup choose action ‘LOT_DISPLAY’ and then define a button text e.g. ‘Inspection Lots’ and an explanation text e.g. ‘Display Inspection Lots in Source System’.
    The button attributes should look like this:

    Save the customizing.

    Now the button 'Inspection Lots' is available on the Batch Details screen.

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