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SAP Startup Focus member Approyo brings customer Carlisle Construction to SAPPHIRE NOW


May 5-7 Startup Focus member Approyo will travel to Sapphire with Engineering, construction, and operations customer Carlisle Construction to tell the two part story about the successful adoption of the Approyo’s startup’s solution with one of SAP’s enterprise customers, and a multi-billion dollar enterprise company bringing innovation into the enterprise.

As a longtime customer with no analytics tools, Carlisle Construction’s need for Approyo’s solution Ignite’s was clear.  As an innovative new solution, Ignite would gather data from Carlisle’s third party legacy solution, bringing it into SAP HANA and SAP Business Objects, provide post production support, and get it up and running in 15 minutes along with a viable business use case. Jon Sigmon, Director of IT at Carlisle Construction Materials, and the Approyo team wanted to analyze their data, and specifically wanted to look at all the data available in the firm’s multiple legacy systems.

The final solution for the customer was Ignite, custom-built on the HANA cloud, a full Fiori Cloud with full-managed support. In addition, Carlisle Construction Manufacturing moved their entire SAP landscape, including 20 systems in all, to Approyo’s cloud.

What lead the Carlisle construction to evaluate and ultimately choose the startup was Approyo’s state-of-the-art SAP HANA cloud and one-stop-shop HANA Solution that would make integration and deployment straightforward and easy. Ultimately, Approyo provided the firm with a fully managed solution, with full license support and a lower price point than offered by market competitors.

“We chose Approyo for the expertise their team provides, the quality of the work they provide and the direct benefits they bring to us as an organization.  Since this decision, we have expanded our footprint with Approyo three times and look to them for our success as an IT department for many years to come.”- Jon Sigmon, Director of IT, Carlisle Construction Materials

Given the cost reduction the customer saved considerably by choosing Approyo, the customer’s HelpDesk status has improved greatly while the system availability and uptime has improved by 30% all in all across the board.

Business Value Overview

• Applications straight on SAP HANA, including transaction processing, using business suite on SAP HANA along with custom apps developed for mobile

• Predictive and further prescriptive analytics of any data to reason out trends

• Procurement of supplies, just-in-time, end-to-end, and preventative maintenance

• Search all social channels for any unstructured source and apply meaningful sense

• Real-time and direct reports, tapped and triggered from any transactional systems

Watch Approyo in action:

Follow Approyo at Sapphire @Approyo and @SAPStartups.

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