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Partner Processing in CRM Trade Promotions


Planning Account

Trade promotions can be created for different account dimensions. The account dimension is stored as TP header attribute.

The following account dimension can be used, having a different business meaning.

  • Account: the TP is planned for a single account.

    All discounts are provided for that account only.
  • Account Hierarchy: the TP is planned for an account hierarchy node

    All discounts are provided the whole account hierarchy node including all child nodes and assigned accounts.
  • Target Group: the TP is planned for a target group

    All discounts are provided to all members of that target group.

Discounts for different planning account dimensions

Depending on the account dimension the condition records may be generated on different levels. For a single planning account the condition records are always generated on account (sold to) level.

For account hierarchies or target groups the condition records may be generated on hierarchy or TG level. The condition records are created on a generic hierarchy or TG level:

Alternatively the condition records may also be generated on account (sold to) level. In that case the account hierarchy or target group is exploded to get all assigned accounts.

Further information about conditions generated from trade promotions is available in the following documents - this also contains the configuration of the above mentioned scenarios:

Campaign Determination Conditions in CRM Trade Promotions

Pricing Conditions in CRM Trade Promotions
Rebate Conditions in CRM Trade Promotions

Trade promotion search via planning account

The design of the TP search using the account dimension is explained in the following document:

Trade Promotion search in SAP CRM

This explains the design and contains several known issues.

Employee Responsible

The employee responsible is determined based on the user when creating the trade promotion. On changing the trade promotion type is changed the employee responsible may be re-determined based on the partner determination customizing.

Automatic Payer derivation in trade promotions

Depending on the trade promotion type it is required to derive any payer partner function such as the eligible claiming account. The partner is determined based on the function category 0004 Payer:

If a partner function is assigned to the trade promotion type the planning account is exploded to retrieve the payer partner functions. This results in having the payer partner function determined for the planning account. The partners are then displayed in the parties involved assignment block.

The determination works on account level. The planning account gets all 'is payer of' relationships determined from the business partner master data.

There is the following design for different account dimensions:

  • Account: the payers are taken from the account master data
  • Hierarchy node: the hierarchy node is exploded to get the underlying accounts. The payers are then taken from the accounts
  • Target group: automatic payer derivation for target groups is working only if the target group has a account hierarchy assigned:

    The assigned account hierarchy node is taken to determine the payer partners.

Depending on the planning account dimension this explosion may be very time consuming. For account hierarchy nodes and target groups all all account hierarchy nodes need to be read to get the payer partner functions for each node. The underlying coding can be found in CL_CRM_MKTPL_HEADER_TPM_ITEM=>SYNCHRONIZE_PLANNING_ACCOUNT. If very generic account hierarchies are used this process may consume a lot of time (technically due to expensive joins on tables BUT_HIER_STRUCT and BUT_HIER_NODE_D). If the payer derivation is not required for the business scenario there are the following options to disable this function:

Wholesaler determination for Indirect Trade Promotions

When having indirect trade promotions the wholesaler is determined automatically.

The determination is either triggered when changing any attribute relevant for the indirect scenario such as planning account, product category, dates or can be triggered manually using the 'Determine Wholesaler' function.

The wholesaler is determined based on the indirect relationship created for the account dimension and the product category.


Assign account hierarchy

The following customizing is required to define the account hierarchy nodes to be used in trade promotions:

Customer Relationship Management

Trade Promotion Management

Basic Data

Assign Planning Account Hierarchies

Partner Determination

The partner determination procedure needs to be created in the following customizing:

Customer Relationship Management

Basic Functions

Partner Processing

Define Partner Determination Procedure

This then needs to be assigned to the trade promotion type in the following customizing:

Customer Relationship Management


Marketing Planning and Campaign Management

Basic Data

Define Types/Objectives/Tactics

Known Issues

There are some known errors related to partner assignment in trade promotions. Those are solved with the following SAP notes:

2097938  Target group not copied to planning account when searched from Trade Promotion

2076667  Employee Responsible is cleared unexpectedly

1989728  Employee Resp. is defaulted to the User ID instead of appropriate Partner Determ. Proc.

1950295  Wrong wholesaler determination and wrong error messages

1949598  Performance issue on planning account change

1946479  Invalid error message during wholesaler determination

1945729  Wholesaler determination fails for TGR with long description

1945728  No wholesaler assigned error persists

1940857  Wholesaler deletion message not logged correctly

1940855  Wholesaler relationships not determined for target group owner

1937309  Wholesaler determination is triggered even if the key values were not modified

1936616  Incorrect wholesaler determination upon BPHN , TG and/ or plan date change

1935409  Indirect account relationships search is not displaying all the Wholesalers

1926556  Wholesaler relationships not determined correctly

1921117  Wholesaler partners are not copied after Trade Promotion copy

1889088  System times out when assigning Account Hierarchy with many partner relations of type Payer

1882551  Unable to skip automatic partner determination for payer in trade promotion

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