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Send to SFTP Destination


This feature is available from BI 4.1SP06 onwards.

To share documents with other InfoView users, you can either send a document to a Destination. SFTP Server is the new destination added.

SFTP protocol is a computing network protocol for accessing and managing files on remote file systems, similar to FTP. SFTP encrypt commands and data both, preventing passwords and sensitive information from being transmitted in the clear over a network. The advantages of having SFTP is that it allows secure transmission of data using Fingerprint authentication.

Steps for Send to  SFTP Destination.

1 .The destination has to be enabled in CMC on the Adaptive Job Server. The details of the SFTP Server needs to entered in the respective field,
along with the SHA FingerPrint of the server. Please refer the admin guide to know more details about SFTP.

To Enable Destination on Adaptive Job Server (AJS), please follow the following steps.

1a) Choose destinations on AJS under Servers in CMC.

1b)Enable the SFTP Server. Enter the SFTP Server details  ,along with the FingerPrint Value. Save the details.

Host: IP address of SFTP Server.

Port: Port of SFTP Server.

User Name: Username to  access SFTP Server

Password :Password to access SFTP Server.

Account: Account needed to access SFTP Server.

Directory: Directory location in SFTP Server where the Document is to be delivered.

File Name:Select Use Automatically Generated Name or Use Specific Name.

FingerPrint :Host key fingerprint of the SFTP server

2.Send to SFTP right has to be enabled for the user.

2a)Choose BI Launchpad under Applications in CMC.

2b)Choose user Security for the User.

2c)Choose Advanced Rights Add/Removerights.

2d)Enable Send to SFTP right for the user.

3)Send to SFTP Server.

Right Click on the Document in Launchpad, should be able to see the Send to SFTP Options. If Step 1 (Enabling SFTP Destination on AJS) ismissed and just rights are enabled , Send to SFTP Options will not be visible. Hence Step 1is compulsory.

4.We will be able to see following Screen. We can either choose to send document  to SFTP Server using default settings or use explicit new settings by filling the details of SFTPServer . Once sent the document will be available in the SFTPServer.