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Changing Field Label Scenario


The objective of this document is to show and discuss some more information regarding the Change Field Label scenario.

Usually, renaming the label of fields it's a scenario that creates some doubts, as the following ones:

1.Who is allowed to Rename a label?

The only person that can rename the fields are the key users / administrators of the system. End Users and Common Users are not allowed to change the label of any field.

2.How can they rename a label?

The Key users can edit the labels following the below steps:

Click at the adaptation button at the top of the page:

Now select the option Edit Master Layout:

Hover the mouse over the field that you want to rename. On this case we are trying to rename the Field Adress1 inside Accounts

Select the pencil icon and click at the option "Change Label":

A box to fill the new name will appear. Write the desired name there and hit enter:

Now select the adaptation buton again and click on the option 'End Layout Changes":

Why are there some fields that cannot be renamed?

Usually most part of the fields can be renamed, however, some of them can create inconsistencies when changed, and that is why the pencil button does not appear.

Ps: If you need in a urgent matter, to rename a field that does not have the option to be renamed, you can  contact your implementation manager to help with such request or approach directly the SAP Cloud Service Center via e-mail to SAP Service Center:

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