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SAP Lumira, Server for BI Platform


SAP Lumira, Server for BI Platform enables consumption and governance of SAP Lumira content from the SAP BI 4.1/4.2 platform. Deliver Agility to business users alongside Scale and Trust for IT and Management. A single, trusted, governed infrastructure to maintain. Single user experience for both BI & Data Discovery.

SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform is an add-on on BI Platform. Note that it is planned to be supported on all active BI 4.1/4.2 Support Packs (SP’s). It is supported on BI 4.1 SP03 Onward. Support on BI platform 4.2 is available from 1.29 release onward. The feature capability may vary based on the underlying BI Platform.

As on 15th Sep 2016, following is the support matrix for BI Platform

SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform 1.31 is the last SP Planned for 1.x line, however the patches would continue to be released based on the maintenance strategy. Also note that, Lumira 2.0 is in development and planned to be released soon. If you want to know more about 2.0 - SAP Lumira and Design Studio Convergence | SCN.

For more details on deployment and support for SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform, visit PAM

Solution Overview:

SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform consists of 4 components on BI Platform.

  • Lumira Server: Lumira Server, Is a processing server for Lumira content on BI Platform, this Server hosts the in-memory engine developed by SAP for in-memory calculations. Please note, Just Like any other Documents in BI Platform even Lumira Documents are saved in Input / Output File Repository servers. In-memory engine comes into picture only when an end user is working on the Lumira Document created using Acquired data from any source. In case of Lumira Documents created with SAP HANA Online connectivity the calculations are delegated to SAP HANA in-memory engine.

  • Lumira Scheduling Service: Lumira Scheduling Service, is a service within Adaptive Job Server. this server enabled Scheduling feature for Lumira Documents.

  • Lumira Web Application: Lumira Web Application, is embedded with BI Launchpad and CMC applications to allow access  to Lumira content within BI Launchpad and CMC (Viewer and Application).

  • Lumira Restful Web services: Lumira Restful Web Services, provides the necessary web services required for Lumira Desktop to interact with BI Platform i.e. Logon, Saving Document etc

Lumira Desktop:

Acquire data, Prepare/Enrich your data and also build Visualisations and Stories from Lumira Desktop and save it to BI Platform. Note that with 1.31 release you will be able to connect and Acquire data from SAP HANA and create documents right from BI Launchpad via Browser. For other data sources you can continue to author lumira documents from Desktop client.

To avoid forward and backward compatibility issues, we recommend to use same version of Lumira Desktop and Lumira, server for BI Platform.

for e.x. use Lumira Desktop 1.31 with Lumira, server for BI Platform 1.31.

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