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SAP Lumira

What's new in SAP Lumira, server for teams 1.25


We are excited to release SAP Lumira, server for teams, version 1.25.

Please find below a brief description of features & enhancements that are coming live in this release of the product.

End User Workflow Features

Viewing Lumira documents in Story viewer

  • Lumira documents will now be displayed in the story viewer by default. For this, the document should have atleast one story in it
  • Users can subsequently choose to go to the Visualize or Compose room, by clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon on the page
  • For Lumira documents without any stories:
    • A user with view rights will not be able to open the document
    • A user with edit rights will be directly taken to the Visualize room


Support for Lumira documents with ESRI Maps

  • Users can now view ESRI maps in Lumira documents
  • To view the ESRI content, users will be have to provide valid ArcGIS credentials (Account Name and Password)

Refresh capabilities for Lumira documents based on additional data sources

  • Users can refresh Lumira documents based on the below data sources. Users with edit or view rights can refresh a document
    • Oracle 11
    • Generic JDBC
    • Universe (.unx files)

Advanced filter for listed Lumira documents

  • Search/filter capabilities have been enhanced to allow filtering on any of the columns available in the documents listing sections (All, Shared by me & Shared with me sections)

  • User needs to enter the search keywords in the format <column name>:<search keywords> (without space in between) to search in a particular column

  • Entering just a keyword(s) would search for it only in the ‘Name’ column

Ability to choose columns in documents listing

  • Users can now choose the set of columns they want to see in the ‘All’ section for listed documents. A column-picker is available once a user right clicks on the header row.

Administration Workflow Features

Enablement of Windows AD based authentication

  • The option to enable and configure Windows Active Directory (Windows AD) based authentication is available in the Configuration section. AD groups can be imported by the administrator to SAP Lumira, server for teams


Viewing concurrent users & sessions information

  • The Sessions & Licenses page displays information pertaining to active users and sessions for concurrent users only

  • The number of concurrent licenses available and named licenses available and utilized is also shown

  • Named and concurrent users are displayed with separate icons to allow the administrator to distinguish

Change Member Type

  • A user can be changed from named to concurrent and from concurrent to named
  • Conversion from concurrent to named user will be allowed only if required number of named license(s) are available
  • This operation can be performed on multiple users at the same time as well

Platform Support Enhancements

Support for Virtualization

  • Users can install, un-install and access SAP Lumira, server for teams through a virtualized environment. Citrix and Hyper V are supported for this.

Support for non-English operating system and non-English browser

  • Users can install SAP Lumira, server for teams on a non-English operating system. Users can also access the portal using a non-English browser.