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SAP Lumira

Lumira Server for BI Platform Deployment Support


Lumira Server for BI Platform is ready for Enterprise Deployment, supports most of the Enterprise deployment requires of BI Platform deployment.

Distributed Deployment

  • Lumira server:
    • BI Platform Adaptive processing server is the pre-requisite for Lumira Server installation

  • Lumira Web Application:
    • BI Platform Web Tier is the pre-requisite for Lumira Web Application installation

  • Lumira Restfull Web services:
    • BI Platform WACS server is the pre-requisite for Lumira Restfull Web Service installation

  • Lumira Scheduling Service:
    • BI Platform Adaptive Server is the pre-requisite for Lumira Scheduling Service installation

Clustering support for High availability

  • Cluster Lumira Server:
    • Lumira Server can be clustered for high availability and to avoid single point of failure.
    • Recommendation is to deploy Lumira Servers on the dedicated servers due to in-memory velocity engine.
    • In Clustered deployment Lumira Server balances the Load between servers based on the Document instance instead of user session to effectively utilize the system resources

           e.x. if 10 users opens (applicable only for view) the same document only one document instance is loaded into Velocity (in-memory engine)

  • Deploy Lumira Web application on clustered application server and Split environment
    • You can Deploy Lumira Web application on your existing Clustered and Load balanced web application server deployment for BI Launchpad and CMC for high availability and to avoid single point of failure at Web application level.
    • You can also Split the Lumira Web Application Static and dynamic content with WDEPLOY, deploy static content on HTTP Server and Dynamic content on Web application server to best utilize the Web application server resources

  • Recommend to run Lumira Servers on separate systems
    • As Lumira Server hosts Velocity Engine (in-Memory calculation engine), it can take up higher RAM depending on Document size and User sessions.
    • To make sure Lumira Server doesn’t impact the system service, we have set a maximum resource utilization to 85% of available resources
    • If Velocity takes up 85% resources on system, you may face issues with requests served by other Processing servers on the same system

Secure Deployment

  • Lumira Server:
    • In case of Deployments with firewall between Lumira Server and Lumira Web Application or Other dependent BI Platform Servers you can assign a static port for Lumira Server and open the Port on Firewall for establishing communication between the components
    • In case the Lumira Server is deployed in DMZ on multihomed system, you can assign an IP for communication with dependent component

  • Lumira Web application
    • Supports HTTPS for communication encryption
    •   Supports Reverse Proxy and HTTP Proxy for avoiding the external access for Web Application Server running Lumira Web Application