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Ticket Header on the left instead of the top

It is very common for Support to receive incidents from customers in doubts about why the ticket header is on the left for User A but on the top for User B.

Why does it happens?

I explain. The Ticket header position is defined by the workcenter assignment of the user. It works like this:

Service Workcenter - The Ticket header should be on the top.

Ticket Workcenter - The Ticket header should be on the left.

Service and Repair Workcenter - Ticket header should be on the left.

Having them all assigned to the same User may cause system inconsistencies as well as inconsistent behavior with the Ticket header.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that once the Workcenter assignment is corrected, the behavior may not be. It usually takes some time until the behavior is normalized.

One more thing, the PDI Workcenter also causes inconsistencies with this. Please check

In case of doubts, feel free to reach me

Thanks and regards,

Felipe Fraga

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