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Trade Promotion search in SAP CRM


The following document explains the design of trade promotion search in the CRM system and lists some known issues.

Search by Account Dimension


Trade promotions can be searched by a specific planning customer. The account A may be included in a account hierarchy, and may be used in a target group as well:

When now searching for any trade promotions by account A the search returns trade promotions created for account A directly, but also trade promotions that are created for any account hierarchy including account A and trade promotions created for target groups including account A as target group member. The following trade promotions are returned in that scenario:

The search returns any trade promotions having the account assigned, including assignment in any hierarchy node as well as assignment in any target group.

Search by NODE_ID

A account hierarchy node is included in the account hierarchy.

When searching for the 'Account Hierarchy Node ID' = 1-B-2 system returns all trade promotions created for searched account hierarchy including all trade promotions created for any account hierarchy above the searched node in the account hierarchy.

If looking at an existing account hierarchy in the system and search for account hierarchy node 300016/30203000, all trade promotions having account hierarchy 300016/30203000 or any node above assigned as a planning account.

In case this design needs to be changed so a direct search by account hierarchy needs to be implemented the approach mentioned in the following note needs to be applied:

1298156  Search by Hierarchy Node

The following example shown how the TP search by account hierarchy node search is designed to work:

When searching by account hierarchy the search will only return trade promotions created for account hierarchy node account dimension, so no trade promotions created on account level, nor target group level will be returned.

There is the above account hierarchy with having trade promotions created for each hierarchy node:

The search by any lower level account hierarchy node searches for all parent account hierarchy nodes, and returns trade promotions with account dimension account hierarchy created for for any of the parent account hierarchy nodes:

The search for the top level account hierarchy node, just returns trade promotions created for that account hierarchy node:

When searching for any account hierarchy node from the middle of the hierarchy, system returns all trade promotions with account dimension account hierarchy created for account hierarchy nodes similar to the searched one or above in the hierarchy, but not below - all parent account hierarchy nodes are returned but no child account hierarchy nodes:

Search by Product Dimension

Search by PRODUCT_ID

A product may be included in any product category and may be used in a product segment.

A trade promotion search by a product returns all trade promotions that have the specific product assigned as product, as product category or as product segment.

Known Errors

There are several SAP notes correcting known errors:

1802536  TPM Advanced Search incorrect with Acct Hier Node and DESC

1716437  Multi-criteria search w/ Product Category performance issue

1682112  Wildcard in ERP customer for account hierarchy node search.

1785317  Slow performance when search projects with excluded products

1548887  Search by product group doesn't return all projects

1428167  TPM: Performance of search by Product_ID

1407317  FM CRM_MKTPL_GETLIST_TP_FOR_BP is not working correctly

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