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How to maintain Analysis Office 2.0 settings


Hi All,

Here i am going to talk about maintaining configuration settings for analysis office 2.0

Configuration settings is not the new term, it is our well known thing as registry keys in 1.4(regedit). In Anlysis Office 2.0 we are maintaining settings using file systems

Administrator Level(System/machine level)  :

if you install Analysis office 2.0, automatically the following files get created under C:\ProgramData\SAP\Cof (%programdata%\SAP\Cof)

Ao_app.config and Cof_app.config files contains all the predifined settings relevant for Analysis Office. Whenever you launch Analysis Office,all predefined settings are being read from Ao_app.config and Cof_app.config. Administrator can also change any setting from these files by just adding value=true or value = false according to requirements

e.g: by default acces mode setting is false like below in Ao_app.confg file

<!--default: value="False" --> // comment line

<AllowChangingAccessMode />

Now administrator can change this setting to true or false in Ao_app.config file and save it. so that user can use Access mode option.

<AllowChangingAccessMode value="True" />

Note : When ver new patch installed in machine these settings will be overwritten with new setup file settings. So before installing new path make sure to have back up of these files to have the settings which you changed

User Level :

Apart from administartor, User also may want to change these settings according to user requirements. After install analysis Ofice 2.0, below files will get generate in path C:\Users\<user_id>\AppData\Roaming\sap\Cof (%appdata%\Sap\Cof)

if the baove files did not present, you can generate by changing any settings in analysis office settings dialog(e.g File->Analysis->Settings chnage any setting and click  on OK button and then files will get generate) or you smply create files manually

e.g : User can change settings by just adding settings in Ao_user_roaming.config file like(settings can copy from Ao_app.config)

<ShowPlanningToolbar value="true" />

so whenever user launch Anlaysis Office Planning tool bar is visible always for that user

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