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SAP Labs Latin America: where young talent meets Innovation, Diversity and Simplification


SAP Labs Latin America plays a crucial role in the growth of SAP in Brazil, as well as for entire Latin America. Located inside Unisinos, one of the top universities of Rio Grande do Sul, in the South of Brazil, SAP Labs LA is a reference in terms of Innovation, Diversity, Young Talent and Employee Engagement. We have grown so much since the foundation of our Labs – from less than 200 employees and 3 LoBs to over 600 employees and 17 Lobs. In December 2013 we had our Grand Opening Ceremony, which marked the launch of our New Building. It was an opportunity to celebrate our successes and prepare for the next challenges that we will face as we continue to grow.

Last year, SAP Labs LA was nominated one of the best IT companies to work for in Brazil. The results reflect our internal numbers of talent retention and engagement: 69% of all new hires last year were intern conversions; in 2014, among all Labs, we had the highest employee engagement in the Pulse Check, 90%. The survey also showed some other numbers we are very proud of: 57% in the Leadership Lead index, Working Relations scored 80%, and Empowerment, 79%. This is proof that the behavior of our employees drive SAP Labs to succeed and achieve great results.

Over the past few months we hosted several events that are key to SAP’s strategy and development. Our first Innoweek – a challenge between four groups to foster innovation – resulted in four incredible prototypes that were showcased in SAP Forum  - both in Mexico, Colombia and São Paulo. We also hosted the first LGBT Summit in the South of Brazil, reinforcing our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. The year is only starting but we already had several events here in our location: d-kom, the LAC Marketing Kick-off, our own Labs Kick-off, with the presence of Clas Neumann, Senior Vice President for Fast Growth Market Strategy, among many other Latin America SAP Leaders.

People peeking through holes on Labs booth's wall at SAP Forum to find out what innovation we were hiding inside. 

And there is so much more to come: we are investing in Innovation, with the recently launch of the d-shop, planning our month of Service in October as our Corporate Social responsibility strategy, we are also working with simplification and many other key areas for our strategy.

Cutting edge solutions are being developed here at the Labs through all Lines of Business, which are getting a lot of recognition worldwide. Among those innovation initiatives is the Startup Focus Program, the global SAP platform to foster entrepreneurship, which is establishing a local team at the SAP Labs Latin America in order to promote and support Startups in the region. We also have the SAP Agricultural Contract Management (ACM), a solution focused on agricultural business, which can help countries and companies achieve better results in this important economic sector.  The Tax Declaration Framework for Brazil 1.0 (TDF), based on SAP HANA, is also a great example of how our employees are committed to innovation and our company’s strategy of becoming THE cloud company powered by SAP HANA. TDF is an example of reverse innovation, as other countries are now in the process to evaluate and localize the solution for their market as well. Made in Brazil to the world.

I invite to stay tuned for the new stories that will be showcased here about our Labs in Latin America. It is a pleasure to share with you some of our success stories and things that inspire us to work every day in order to contribute to the growth of our great company.