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SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office

Whats New In Analysis Office 2.0

Hi All,

Here are the glimpse of features available in Analysis Office 2.0(2.0 SP2) and a short description for it, detailed discussion follows soon

Table Design :

          You can create new empty rows for dimension values

          You can Create new empty columns between Measures


Table Design Styles:

          You can create styles using Format dialog dynamically for each and every cell/row/column


Property View in Design Panel :

          additional display panel to chnage the properties for Dimension and measures

InA Access - Connection to HANA system  through HTTP :

          have an option to connect to HANA system through HTTP

Configuration Settings :

          maintaining registry keys for settings now replaced by config files

          system settings can access from %Programdata%\SAP\Cof

          User Settins can access from %Appdata%\SAp\Cof    

Save as 1.x/2.x :

          have an option to choose to save a documents either in 1.x format or 2.x format


System Replacement :

          Now existing system can be replaced with another system


          most awaited feature connecting to HANA system through SSO is possible from 2.0 SP2

migration from ODBC to  HANA http:

          Migration dialog to convert from ODBC to HTTP

Detailed discussions for some of above topics can be seen in :

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Best Regards,