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SAP Lumira

Configuring Pre-Requisites for Data source support


SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform supports Refresh on following data sources.

    • MS SQL Server 2008
    • MS SQL Server 2012
    • Oracle 11
    • Generic JDBC
  • Universe based on Query Panel Extension

    Supported from SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform 1.28

  • SAP Business Warehouse 7.x
  • HANA Online (Revision 82, 83, 84, 85, 96, 97)
  • HANA Offline (Revision 82)

To support refresh on the BI Launchpad, you would have to make sure following pre-requisites are met for respective data sources.

Configure Drivers for FHSQL:

  • Launch CMC and Navigate to Server List.
  • Stop Lumira Server
  • Navigate to [Install_Directory]/program files(x86)/SAP Business Objects/SAP Business objects Enterprise XI 4.0/Data access/connection server/JDBC/Drivers
  • If it is an oracle 11 data source, then perform the following:
    • Create an oracle 11 folder.
    • Place the oracle 11 jar files in the folder.
  • If it is Generic JDBC data source, then perform the following:
    • Create a Generic JDBC folder.
    • Place the required generic JDBC jar files in the folder.
  • If it is sqlsrv/sqlsrv2008/sqlsrv2012 data source, then perform the following:
    • Create sqlsrv/sqlsrv2008/sqlsrv2012 folder.
    • Place the required sqlsrv/sqlsrv2008/sqlsrv2012 jar files in the folder.
  • Restart the Lumira server from CMC


  • Make sure the XLS/CSV/TXT file from which the data is acquired is available in the shared path
  • Lumira Server should have access to these files on the shared location

Universe and SAP BW:

The Universe Query Panel and Download from SAP Business Warehouse extension required for Universe and SAP BW access respectively is deployed with Lumira Server installation on BI Platform.

However to acquire the data from Universe (UNX QPE) and SAP BW (Download from SAP BW) on Lumira Desktop, you would have to install the respective Data Acquisition Extensions manually.

  • Launch Lumira Desktop
  • Navigate to File – Extensions


  • Click on Download Extensions
  • Browse for an extension package named “Universe Query Panel” and/or "Download from SAP BW"
  • Select the Extension and select OK.

Now you will be able to acquire data from Universe and/or SAP BW in desktop and publish to BI Platform.

For additional details on Download from SAP BW refer to following blog

SAP HANA Online and Offline:

No specific configurations required either on Server or Desktop.