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SAP Lumira

Working with Lumira Document in BI Launchpad


Users can View, Edit and Save any Lumira Document and Refresh and Schedule the Lumira documents based on supported Data sources in BI Launchpad

For the list of supported Lumira Documents for Refresh in BI Launchpad, refer to

For the list of supported Lumira Documents for Scheduling in BI Launchpad, refer to

  • Login to SAP BI Launchpad
  • Go to the folder where the Lumira document was saved
  • Double Click or Select View from the contextual menu

  • The Lumira document is opened in story mode in a new Tab in BI Launchpad
  • The user can refresh the document by clicking on the “refresh”    icon in the right side of top pane.
  • If the user has edit rights, by clicking the edit icon, the user can go to the Visualize & Compose room to create new visualization and stories

  • On Edit, Story View mode is replaced with Edit mode and user would have access to Viz and compose rooms
    • In the Compose Room, the user can create new Boards, Infographics or Reports
    • In the Viz Room, the User can create new visualization.
  • The User can Save the document by clicking on the save Icon (Save / Save As)
  • User can switch from EDIT to VIEW mode from SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform 1.28

  • To Schedule a Lumira Document, Select Schedule from the contextual menu

  • In the Schedule screen, Set the Instance Title, Recurrence, Destinations and Click OK

  • Once the schedule is successful, you can access the Instance from the History page
  • Select History from context menu and open the document instance