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SAP Lumira

Working with Lumira Desktop and SAP BI 4.1


Once you have installed Lumira, server for BI Platform you must configure Lumira Desktop for access to SAP BI platform.

  • Launch Lumira Desktop
  • Navigate to File – Preferences – Network
  • Update <hostname> and <Port#> for SAP BI URL with hostname or IP and Port respectively on which the WACS server is running
  • Click Done.

*WACS server default port is 6405

Now you can connect to BI Platform from Lumira Desktop.

  • Re-Launch Lumira Desktop
  • Select SAP BI from the right hand side panel
  • Enter the BI Platform Username and Password in the credential screen
  • Click on connect

Now you are ready to navigate through BI Platform folder structure and work with Lumira Document i.e. Save To or Open From BI Platform.