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PLM Quality Management (QM)

Inspection with batch classification


By making use of batch classification, inspection results and usage decision can be transferred to the batch class.

See the following online help for more details:

Transfer of Inspection Results to Batch Class

Transfer of Inspection Decision to Batch Class


  1. Plant setting:
    Path: QCC0 -> Quality Management -> Basic Settings -> Maintain Settings at Plant Level
    Flag: "Batch valuation without material spec."  >> This should be set.
    Explanation: See F1 help of this field

  2. CT04: Create a class characteristic
    This class char. can have the following definition:
    a) type NUM

    b) type CHAR and a selected set assigned in the tab 'Values'.  Click the button "Other Value Check" > Choose "Catalog char."

  3. QS21: Link the class characteristic to a master inspection characteristic.

  4. CL01: Create a batch class which includes the characteristics.

  5. MM01: Create a material which includes the batch class.  Set the indicator "Batch management" and activate inspection type 89.

  6. QP01: Create an inspection plan which includes the MICs.

Inspection lot processing

  1. QA01: Create an inspection lot. Create or assign a batch here.
  2. QE01: Record results for the characteristics and close them.

    Check MSC3N. Characteristic values are not updated.
  3. QA11: Make usage decision for the inspection lot
  4. MSC3N: Display the batch.  Characteristic values are updated.


  1. If you work with inspection points, the batch classification should be carried out when the results recording is saved.  The status of the char. should be 5(Closed) and the inspection point should be valuated.  The batch characteristic values are updated with the results of last valuated inspection point.
    - Assign an inspection point key to the inspection plan

    - Record inspection point results in QE11.

    - Check MSC3N after results are recorded

  2. If you do not work with insepction points, the batch classification should be carried out when the usage decision is done and stock-posting is done (if lot is stock-relevant).  Inspection results transfer to batch classification can only be carried out if stock postings have been fully completed (system status SPCO is active).



SAP Enhancement QMSP0002 - User exit EXIT_SAPLQMSP_002


208098 - UD: Batch classification before stock credit entry

210196 - Batch valuation in QM w. estimated measured values

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