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You cannot find any employees using the letter "@" inside the feed

The objective of this document is to answer the frequent question about why some users of the system are not able to find any employee at the feed, they usually try to search for an employee  using the special character @, but no employee appears

The affected users reproduce the issue going to the Feed work center, there when they try  to mention someone using the “@” character, no employee appears. This behavior occur because the @ functionality is based on the authorization provided to each user. Generally the user that is facing the issue is not assigned to the view Employees under  Work center People, because of this he is not authorized to search for employees.. You can fix this assigning the view Employees under the Work center People to the affected user

To assign this view you can follow these steps:

->Go to the Administrator Work center

>Select the view Business users

>Search for the affected user that cannot find the employees on the field

->Click in edit and then in access rights

->Go to the tab Work Center And View Assignment

->In the columns Work center/ View name, search for people

->Mark the view employee under people.

->The behavior will be solved and the user will be able to locate other employs trough the button @

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