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1DX Blog Testing - Volunteer Application Form

No.NameSCN User*
1.Jitendra Kansal@Jitendra Kansal
2.Mahesh Chandra@Mahesh Chandra VVNS
3.Eduardo Hartmann@Eduardo Hartmann
4.Tammy PowlasTammy Powlas's Profile | SCN
5.Eduardo ChagasEduardo Chagas's Profile | SCN
6.Fred Verheul@Fred Verheul
7.Jarlei Gonçalves


8.Ludek UherI818592
+1.Alex Zednik@Alex Zednik
+1.Florian Henninger@Florian Henninger
+1Renan Correa@Renan Correa
+1Deepak Jharkharia@Deepak Jharkharia
+1jayaganapathy    P1940090063- @ganapathy s
+1Eddy Guo@Eddy Guo
+1Matt Pollicove@Matt Pollicove
+1Kumud Singh@Kumud Singh
+1Rupesh Brahmankar@R Brahmankar
+1Marcelo Ramos@Marcelo Ramos's Profille
+1Sandeep Kumar PraharajP1741004555 Sandeep Praharaj

This document is to volunteer for the testing of the new 1DX blogging platform announced in the blog 1DX Blog Testing - We Want YOU! #1DXCOMMDEST.

*Please insert a link to your SCN User Profile here.


Dear Volunteers,

It is amazing how many of you would like to help us to improve our Community. As I mentioned in my blog post, the first 8 volunteers will participate in the test for the first round, but if one of them decides that they cannot do the test, we will choose from the additional people (marked with +1 in the form) to participate.

I closed the form for now, so no further application is possible.

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and everything!