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SAP IQ Cockpit - Creating New User


SAP IQ cockpit available in SAP IQ 16 sp08 is a web interface tool,  SAP IQ cockpit administration does support SAP IQ versions 15.3 or later.   For SAP IQ 15.3 and 15.4 authority based security is used, while SAP IQ 16 uses role-based security.  New user can be created as Authority-Based or Role-Based based on SAP IQ Version.

For complete details:

Security and User Management - About SAP IQ Cockpit - SAP Library


  • Launch SAP IQ cockpit and login to your system.


  • Click on EXPLORE Tab


  • Double Click on Security -> Role-Based -> Users -> New


  • Select Resource


  • Specify New User Name


  • Assign Password and new login policy to the New user.  Optional Check 'Require Password change on next login' , if you want user to change his password on next login


  • Grant roles to the New User.



  • Grant system privileges to the New User.


  • Optional Add comment for this New User.


  • Click Finish.


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