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Common doubt - Filtering Documents by Country - SAP Cloud for Customer


When filtering Documents on SAP Cloud for Customer, it is very common for users to be in doubt regarding the Country field.

Let's take Accounts as example.

You go to:

- Customers Workcenter;

- Accounts View;

- Advanced Search;

- Then you filter it by Country, let's say Germany - DE;

- In the results you can see Accounts from Germany, but also from some other countries.

No. This is not a system bug, but in fact, the standard behavior. When filtering Accounts, Individual Customers, Leads, etc. the system also considers the Addresses that are maintained in the document, as well as its Territory and Country.

So, in case you are filtering something by Country and are seeing more results than expected, keep that in mind .

Thanks and regards,

Felipe Fraga

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