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Set Fields as Mandatory - SAP Cloud for Customer


In the HTML5 client you have the possibility to make a field Mandatory, meaning that user are obliged to filled it in so they can save the document they are editing.

To do that:

First of all you need to be able to use the Adapt function, which is a Key User Tool.

  1. Adapt;
  2. Edit Master Layout;
  3. Place your mouse over the field you want to edit and click on the Wrench icon to edit it;
  4. Check the Mandatory box;
  5. Adapt;
  6. End Layout Changes.

Ok, field is now Mandatory, but only on HTML5.

Due to the differences between Silverlight and HTML5, the field will not be Mandatory on Silverlight and you do not have the option to make it Mandatory on Silverlight. The charasteristic asterisk (*) will be available on Silverlight and HTML5, however, it can be bypassed when in Silverlight.

For now this is how the system works, but it is on development backlog of enhancements to change this and make fields mandatory on both Clients.

Thanks and regards,

Felipe Fraga