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SAP IQ Cockpit - Creating Technical User

  • SAP IQ cockpit available in SAP IQ 16 sp08 is a web interface tool,  SAP IQ cockpit administration does support SAP IQ versions 15.3 or later.   For SAP IQ 15.3 and 15.4 authority based security is used, while SAP IQ 16 uses role-based security.

Technical User is a dedicated account used for creating and scheduling collection jobs and monitoring, and triggering alerts based on predefined thresholds.

There are two parts to the account: the SAP IQ part and the SAP IQ Cockpit part. Both parts are created using the Create  User wizard. The technical user account must have a password and be assigned to the IQC_TECHNICAL_USER_POLICY login policy. Technical user can be created authority-based or role-based depending on  your  SAP IQ version.

CREATE USER statement should not used for creating Technical User,  as it will not create SAP IQ cockpit part.  Technical user can not  be deleted and should not be modified,  as modifications are not updated to the SAP IQ Cockpit part.

For complete details:

Technical User - About SAP IQ Cockpit - SAP Library


  • For creating Technical User,  run cockpit_monitor script ($SYBASE/COCKPIT-4/plugins/IQ-CMAP/cockpit_monitor_role_based_privileges_setup.sql or $SYBASE/COCKPIT-4/plugins/IQ-CMAP/cockpit_monitor_authority_based_privileges_setup.sql) in the SAP IQ server

         [IQ-CMAP]$ dbisql -c "uid=DBA;pwd=sql;eng=vicky_iqdemo0830" -nogui  cockpit_monitor_role_based_privileges_setup.sql

         Execution time: 0.462 seconds


  • Launch SAP IQ Cockpit and login to your system


  • Click on Explore Tab


  • Click on Security -> Role-Based -> Users -> New


  • Select Resource



  • Specify Technical User Name


  • Check  option to Create Technical User


  • Assign Password and new login policy to the New user.  Optional Check 'Require Password change on next login' , if you want user to change his password on next login.


  • Grant roles to the Technical User(Optional)


  • Assign System Privileges(Optional)


  • Add Comment for Technical User



  • Click Finish


  • You can monitor and manage alerts in a SAP IQ simplex or Multiplex systems.  For monitoring and resolving alerts, setting alerts, managing alerts, adjusting the monitoring interval of key performance areas and configuring Alerts:

        Alerts in SAP IQ - About SAP IQ Cockpit - SAP Library



  •   Configure email notifications


  • Configure Monitoring Interval and Threshold