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How can I create a new Employee when the New button is Disabled?


Sometimes the users of the system face a strange behavior where the "New" button to add new employees is greyed out. The objective of this document is explain why this occur and how can we solve this behavior

The  problem can be seen inside the Administrator work center at the Employees view. This behavior actually is right since in the most part of the cases where the problem occurs, the SucessFactor employee central integration is scoped at the system. When this option is scoped the new employees can only be added through the SucessFactor system

You can check if this is your case following these steps:

->Go to Business Configuration work center.

->Select Implementations Projects view.

->Select the First Implementation and select Edit Project Scope button

->Go to Review Questions.

->Expand Communication and Information Exchange

->Expand Integration with External Applications and Solutions

->Select Integrations scenarios with Cloud Solutions from SAP

->Uncheck the box Integration with SuccessFactors Employee Central

After unchecking the box the New button should be enabled again

If your problem persists the button could be grayed due to other reasons, like other external application. You can find further details at the following case document: 2025073 - Unable to Create Employees Since New button is Disabled

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