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Discussions related to Sales and Order Management


Sales and Order Management has now it's home base within the BRIM space in SCN. Because BRIM is a cross-industry solution there are a lot of discussions which are located in other spaces.

This page provides links to interesting discussions related to Sales and Order Management that cannot be moved here for technical reasons.

Provider orders, contracts & master agreements

SAP BRIM concept: Master Agreement without Sharing Object

SAP BRIM Concept - BUAG and Provider Order EHP3

SAP BRIM Master Agreement Currency
SAP BRIM Counter Sharing and Cross Catalog Mapping (CCM)

SAP BRIM Counter Sharing and Shared Product

SAP BRIM Provider Order does not generate a Provider Contract

Create Provider Order without Business Agreement

Provider Order : Rate Plan discount charge for limited duration
Technical Object In Provider Order

Error Message Item 10 : Bill Date must be lower or equal to end date

[ATP Check] How to ATP Check using External System in Provider Order?

Change processes

ISTF Change Process does not change the fullfillment state

Change Process in Provider Contracts

SAP BRIM Provider Order can be submitted but no contract is created (change process ISTD)

SAP BRIM Change Process List Values not displayed


Change Process in Provider Contracts

Order Distribution Infrastruture (ODI)

CRM - How to configure an order in ODI (Order Distribution Infrastructure) to have a different step

[ODI-CRM] Update Fulfillment Messages of a Distribution Type

[CRM-ODI] Add Fulfillment Message to a Distribution Type in SAP CRM Asynchronously

[CRM-ODI] Call External WS at Once not per Line Item

How to Set Reference Type in Fulfillment Status - Provider Contract

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