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SAP Cloud for Customer add-ins

Creating Cloud Data Sources - Analytics


For other data sources creation, please, refer to the document Creating Custom Data Sources - Analytics.

This document covers the creation of Cloud Data Sources for Cloud for Customer systems.

  1. Cloud Data Sources
    1. Cloud Data sources are useful if you want to upload analytical data from external sources into your solution for reporting purposes. Data that originates in the solution is access context sensitive, this means that SAP-delivered data sources are associated with access contexts to ensure that data is directed to users who are allowed to view it. Since the data for a Cloud data source originates from an external source, Cloud data sources have no access context assigned, meaning that the data is unrestricted. Your should, therefore, ensure that the data is suitable for all users if you build reports using only Cloud data sources as a basis. In case you are using a Cloud data source in a joine or combined data source, the access context of the newly created data source will be corresponding to the SAP-delivered data source used. In order to create a Cloud data source, please, follow the steps below:
      1. Go to the Business Analytics work center and access the view Design Data Sources;
      2. Click on New Cloud Data Source;
      3. Differently from other data sources, cloud data sources allow you to define its ID. The first steps you should perform after getting into the New Cloud Data Source screen is defining its ID, Name, Description and Usage. If you wish to upload data manually to the data source, also check the box for Manual Data Upload;
      4. In the Data Source Fields area click on Add Row and add the fields which you want to have in there, there is a limit of 15 characteristics per cloud data source. The total number of fields is 20. When you edit and save a cloud data source, the data is deleted and have to uploaded again, this is to avoid inconsistencies;
      5. After you've finished adding all fields you wish, click on Save and Close and your data source is now ready to be used while creating reports.
    2. For further information on Cloud Data Sources, please, check Cloud Data Sources - Field Types & Settings for Data Source Fields

If you have any further queries, please, check the Central Document for Analytics Troubleshooting.

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