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How to Check Party Determinations on SAP Cloud for Customer

A very common doubt on SAP Cloud for Customer is how the system 'chooses' some Parties in a document (Opportunities, Leads, etc.).

The purpose of this document is to show how a Key User can check this information in order to be sure it is an issue or simply some missing configuration.

As an example, we are using the Sales Unit party in an Opportunity.

Here are the steps to check it:

  1. Find the Opportunities activity on Business Configuration > Overview .
  2. Open the activity and you will see something like:
  3. Open the Maintain Involved Parties link;    
  4. Here, you can see many Party Roles. Select the line of the desired party (Sales Unit) and click on Maintain Determinations;

You can see that there are many rules, some are active and some are not and that their priority is defined by numbers.

If the highest priority rule is not Active, the system considers the next one.

But what does each rule actually means?

Account's Sales Data - The Sales Unit  of the Opportunity will be the same as the Account to which the Opportunity is linked.

Responsibility  "Sales Unit for Sales" - The Sales Unit will be defined according to rules created on Organizational Management > Work Distribution.

Functional Organizational Unit of Employee Responsible -  The Sales Unit is taken from the Opportunity Employee Responsible.

Organizational Unit from Org Model if only One Suitable Functional Unit Exits - In case there is only one active Sales Unit the system will choose this one.

Thanks and regards,

Felipe Fraga