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Creating Custom Reports - Analytics


In order to create custom reports, please, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Business Analytics work center and access the view Design Reports;
  2. Click on New Report;
  3. In the New Report screen, define a name for your custom report, a description and the Data Source which you want to pull data from, after setting this all up, click on Next;
  4. In the next step you will select which Key Figures you want to have in your report, after selecting the ones you require in there, click on Next;
  5. In this steps select which characteristics you want to have in your report, after selecting the ones required by you, click on Next;
  6. In the step Characteristic Properties you will define whether the characteristics are going to have Fixed Values for its selection, Variable Values or no selection.
    1. In this step, in case you use Fixed Selection, there will be created a restriction for the characteristic which will not allow you to use any other selection in this field. This could be used for characteristics like "Employee Responsible" where you could set a variable selection for "My User Name" and let the employees see data that are only related to their User Name;
    2. If you are using variables, this means that you are going to set default values for the characteristics, but not necessarily Fixed Selections. Usually, value selections using Variables can be changed by the users to use another selection they'd like to have in there.
  7. You can also set if a characteristics is using Hierarchy or not on this step, if you with to use hierarchies, please, check if the characteristic have hierarchies available, after making all settings you need in the Characteristic Properties, click on Next;
  8. This steps is only used if you set a characteristic having its value as "Using Variable", here you can define the characteristic Default Values and also if the characteristic will be mandatory for the report to fetch data or not, after setting all up in this step, you can click on Next to review your report and check if everything is correct or you can click on Finish to save the report. Now you can access your report from the Business Analytics work center.

For more information on reporting tools, please, check the Central Document for Analytics Troubleshooting.

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