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Error Messages - Reports


Some error messages are related to the huge amount of data the report is returning, usually, setting some filters and value selections to the characteristics in the report will resolve the issue. However, other error messages can be caused by a bug in the system.

Common error messages:

1 - "Report cannot be opened; report an incident." - Check if this message is followed by the error message #2, in case it is, it is possible that the report contains too many data. If you define some filters in the report it should run fine.

2 - "See XML error message in property XmlMessage" - This error message is returned when the report has too many data and can't retrieve it all on screen. Setting some filters and selections on the report will resolve the issue in case this is related to the amount of data being fetch.

3 - "No report data available to display; check variables" - This is not an error message, is just an information that the report you are trying to retrieve does not contain any information. This happens because you probably have no information in the system that the report is trying to retrieve. In case you are sure you have the information maintained in the system, please, also check if you have authorization to see data for this report and if the report is not showing only Test Data.

For all other error messages, please, report an incident specifying the name and ID of the report and the Data Source.

You can also refer to the document Central Document for Analytics Troubleshooting.

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